We are grateful to our Donors

Anthony Marguleas of Amalfi Estates,
Ambassador Frank & Kathrine Baxter

Birke Family Foundation, Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica-Pacific Palisades Lions Club, Vicki Ransom

Georgie & Leland Ford, Josie Tong, Pacific Palisades Woman's Club

Alice Wroblicky, Patricia Lewin, Bill & Cindy Simon, Ernie Prudente, James Dewitt, Rebekah & Larry Shuman, Candace Borland & Carolyn Fank, Jody Margulies, Jane Lopatt, John Alle, Stephen Berger, Ted & Robin Weitz, Lorraine Holt, Gil & Barbara Dembo, Jane & George Foley

Peter Scolney & Kathleen Crandell, Kristine Knaplund & Ron Edelstein, Michael & Diane Ziering, Daphne Gronich & Paul Nagle, Thom & Betsy Collins, Bill & Pam Bruns, Ron Dean & Sandy Eddy, Donna Vaccarino, Alisa Rodman, Linda Deacon, Kathleen McRoskey, Mary Dekernion, Richard & Christine Maxwell, Shirley Haggstrom, Anne & Robert Sacks, Susan Oakley, Chris Van Scoyk, Barbara Garrett, Trish Sobul, Jean Sharp, Peter Culhane & Adrienne Fontanelle, John & Sue Pascoe, Susan Cambigue Tracey, William Klein, Robert & Ann Harter, Jodie Rea, Sheila Benko, Renee McReynolds, Lou & Wendy Magur, Paul & Elreen Bower

$99 and under
Susan Levin, Joan Dry, Don Scott, Gary Glass, Taylor Simon, Christie Smith, Emily Mayer, Beth Handler, Laura Schy, Dede Vlietstra, Sandrine Martin, Coral Rugge, Clair Rexon, Alice Clement, Kyle Gerstenschlager, Christine Geller, Dale & Nancy Van Vlack, David & Stephanie Parsky, David & Nina Kidd, Ellen Caldwell, Jackie Maduff, Kiela Hine & Dan Moriarty, Kathryn Park Brown, Tom McKiernan, Elaine Rabuchin, Cindy McWethy, Alma Levy, Janie Orenstein

Donations received October 1, 2021 to present


The Village Green was established in 1973 and has a 501(c)3 designation. We are not a city park, and we receive no money from any governmental agency. Funds are generated from sponsors, grants, donations, bequests, tributes and income from our investments. All money goes toward maintaining our park for the community to enjoy.

  • The American Legion for providing us with our American flags and to Station 69 for installing them for us.
  • Palisades Patrol for donating their services to us
  • Ron Dean for his legal advice.
  • John Steadman for constructing our new storage shed and Greg Runyon for helping John with the concrete work.
  • Tom Doran, local electician, for donating his services.