We are grateful to our Donors

Anthony Marguleas of Amalfi Estates

Birke Family Foundation, American Legion, Bill & Cindy Simon, Michael Edlen, Girl Scout Troup 2585

Michelle Villemarie, Jeanette Griver, Palisades Optimist Club, Roger Woods, Sue Haldeman, Susan and Dennis Levin, Don Scott, Pacific Palisades Woman's Club

Jane and George Foley, Sharon Keith, The Yogurt Shoppe (on Swarthmore), Robin & Ted Weitz, Alice Wroblicky, Sam Jason

Bob and Marge Gold, Stephen Ghysels, Kevin Nealon, Eric and Deanne Kripke, Kristine and Ron Knaplund, Thom and Betsy Collins, Vicki Ransom, Shirley Haggstrom, Peter Scolney and Kathleen Crandell, Ron Dean & Sandy Eddy, Candace Borland, Marsha & Lou Kamer, Tom & Michelle Alper, Elizabeth Straszheim, Girl Scout Troup 255, Carolyn Fank, John Wild, George Wolfberg and Janelle Friedman

$99 and under
Stephanie Parsky, Tom Creed, Gisela Moriarty, Barbara and Gil Dembo, Nina Kidd, Susan Tracey, Karen Stigler, Wendy and Lou Magur, Dick Wulliger, Dan Moriarty and Kiela Hine, Graham Larson

Donations received October 1, 2016 to present